19 de noviembre de 2011

Final Revision for Level 2 - 2011

13 de noviembre de 2011

The Right Way to Receive Phone Calls

Now, when you're receiving phone calls, there's a couple of things that you must do.
First of all, you want to answer that phone promptly.
Ring one, ring two, ring three; "Hello, this is Tracy."
By three rings, you should pick up that phone...
...and what you also want to do is you want to have a smile in your voice.
See, I can't see your face,...
...so I want to say, "Hey, this is Tracy. Hello."...
...alright? Or however you answer the phone...
...because a smile in your voice will present you as positive and helpful,...
...and what you want to do immediately is find out who you're calling and how you can help them.
Those are just essential things that you have to do when you answer the phone,...
...you know. Go back and think about tone and all of those things.
You don't want to answer your phone after it's been ringing seven times,...
..."This is Tracy."
Okay, what's my customer going to think?
My caller's going to be afraid, very afraid.
So be positive, be professional, give a smile to that hello.

9 de octubre de 2011

Walking in the UK

In any new country, the roads can be dangerous for pedestrians … so …

Even for those not driving it is important to be aware that traffic may be approaching from unexpected directions.

Although, apart from motorways, it’s not illegal to cross the road at any point it is advisable to use crossings, some of them controlled by traffic lights, whenever you can.You may cross the road when the green man is showing but, if the light is flashing, don’t start to cross.

There are crossing points known as Zebra crossings which have black and white road markings and orange flashing beacons at each side of the road. Drivers should give way to pedestrians on the crossing, but you should be careful as there are no red traffic lights instructing drivers to stop.

Don’t forget, pedestrians are not allowed to walk along or cross any motorway at any time.

25 de septiembre de 2011

Language in the UK

The most widely spoken language in the UK today is English. Newcomers and visitors to the UK may still have problems with regional dialects and accents.

The predominant spoken language is English, but in parts of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland their native language is still spoken.

What newcomers to the UK might find confusing are the numbers of different regional accents and dialects which can on occasions be difficult to understand, even for native English speakers!

It is possible in the early days of your stay in the UK, that you’ll need some assistance in interpreting or translating English into your preferred language. Interpretation services are often available locally and details of where and how to access them are normally available from your local authority or Citizens Advice Bureau.

14 de septiembre de 2011

How to pay a compliment - Como halagar o hacer un cumplido

Man: Good morning!

Woman: Morning!

Man: By the way, I just wanted to say well done on clinching that deal!

Woman: Oh, thanks. It wasn’t too difficult.

Man: You’re being modest! You did really well.

Woman: Thank you.

Man: You’re a great manager, you know.

Woman: Do you think so?

Man: Oh yeah.

Woman: I appreciate that.


Man: Have you cut your hair?

Woman: Oh yes, I did actually. Thanks for noticing!

Man: Where did you get it done?

Woman: Oh, just that place on the high street.

Man: They did a great job and it looks great with the outfit.

Woman: Do you think so?

Man: Oh yeah. Very … fashionable.

Woman: Oh, it’s just an old thing.

Man: Well, you’ve got a great sense of style.

Woman: Thank you, you too.

Man: Thank you.


Man: Nice perfume, too. Is that Dream?

Woman: Well, yes it is, actually.

Man: You wear it well.

Woman: I’m flattered.

Man: My pleasure.

Woman: Listen, do you want something?

Man: No. I’m just being polite, you know.

Woman: Hmmm.

16 de agosto de 2011

Leisure Activities

Leisure Activities

Most of Britain’s population enjoys sport and leisure activities in one way or another, and whether as a participant or a spectator there are a whole host of activities to enjoy.

In recent years the encouragement toward a more healthy lifestyle has led to more people taking up physical activity, whether to get fit or to keep fit. These activities can be found indoors at leisure, sporting and recreation centres and outdoors, at the many free publicly available playing fields and also at clubs and associations which are open to members or paying visitors. In any event there are plenty to choose from whatever your level of physical fitness.

As with most countries many of the leisure activities in the UK are much more sedate. Whether as an individual or a team, a child, adult or family, most towns and cities have something for everyone.

9 de julio de 2011

How to ask someone to repeat something

How to ask someone to repeat something

Try out the various ways in asking people to repeat what they said.

Man: (Mumbling “Have you seen a green pen anywhere?”)

Woman: I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.

Man: (Mumbling)

Woman: Could you say that again?

Man: (Mumbling “Green pen, see it anywhere?”)

Woman: I’m sorry…er I still didn’t get that.

Man: (Trying very hard but still mumbling)

Woman: Could you say that again?

Man: (slightly frustrated and mumbling again)

Woman: One more time?

Man: (Mumbling)

Woman: No. Sorry. Nothing.

Man: (Mumbling)

Woman: Look! I can’t hear a word you’re saying.

Man: I said “Have you seen a green…pen”…oh, there it is!